Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping Girl

So here's the rest of the shopping story about Sis. The girls all went out shopping on Friday. Sis was very excited to go. She LOVES clothes and shoes and anything girly. Our first purchase was a pair of striped tights. She LOVES tights! She was so thrilled with the shopping bag she got to carry around. She began pulling the tights out to show other shoppers. Soon she was stopping everyone on the street....including little old men and showing them her new tights. This pic is her showing her purchase to another little girl through the store window.

Her next purchase was a pretty headband and then Grandma bought her some play shoes, boa and another headband. She was in heaven. The was thrilled to have two packages to carry.
The next store we went in she found this great coat which came as a 3 piece outfit. Of course she wanted to try it on. Once she had it on...well you can see where this is going. Grandma bought it for her Christmas present. She wore the coat and the new pretty jeans over the outfit she already had on. Good thing it was freezing outside.
Pure joy! This is one serious shopping loving girl!! What a fun day. And...yes, she is still wearing the coat 24 hours a day!

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