Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread House

I blogged about the things I like to do for the Christmas season. The Gingerbread House is one of the things the kids love. I buy this one at Costco each year. It's fabulous! It's cheap...$13.00. It's easy to assemble...and this year the house is pre-assembled! It comes with everything you need....candy, gingerbread house, frosting. It tastes terrible...that's a bonus for me so I'm not tempted to eat it! :) The kids have been begging to put it together so today was the day!

Everyone had a turn to spread the thick glue like frosting. Side Note: The Toy Story shirt Baby George is wearing has it's own story. He is obsessed with the shirt. He wears it constantly. And, when I finally peel it off of him to wash it....he cries and asks for it every two minutes. It's truly unbearable so I've taken to letting him wear it for 48 hours straight. Don't judge. The second you pull it out of the dryer and let him have bliss.
Serious work spreading goo....I mean frosting.
Tuba's turn.
Time for candy. They spent the whole time saying, "can I eat it". I'm a mean mom and I made them put it all on the house first.
Ta-Da! Finished House!
They are shouting, "Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!". Time to eat it. They loved it. I think my kids have deranged taste buds. ;)


  1. ADORABLE!!!!

    We have the same issue with the toy story shirt with our Noah. LOL..

  2. It is posts like this that make me marvel at you. Why isn't anyone crying? Where is the frosting in the hair and on their clothes? Why are they taking turns? Where is the fighting? You are the best mom ever!

  3. They will remember frosting the Ginerbread House their whole lives! What a wonderful activity!



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