Monday, December 27, 2010


We have had an amazing Christmas. The festive time started with a visit from Aunt Cinn and Uncle Jamie! Yeah! And...they are expecting their first baby too! We had a nice family dinner and movie night at our house. Christmas Eve morning we went to my mom's house to celebrate with my sister, nephews. Then on to home for a fun day of hanging out and eating snacks. Plus, Cam and I had to do some assembly....that deserves it's own blog entry! We planned to go to church that evening but we have had a tummy bug sweeping us and it hit Cam that evening. Boo! Luckily it moves on fast. Christmas morning was wonderful!! Busy Guy and Mr. P actually slept in until 6:30.....amazing! They came into our room to tell us Santa had come! So cute, they looked at and touched their stockings but waited for us. Tuba got his logs and battery powered candles, Mr. P and Busy Guy got Bonicles, Sis got Hello Kitty socks and headbands, Baby George got Woody and lots of Toy Story themed things. Plus, each kid got tons of candy!!

After opening stockings we started a new tradition. I heard of this from a gal named Emily that Cam works with. Emily's family (6 kids) would take turns putting the baby Jesus into the nativity scene. Jesus would not be put out until Christmas morning. One child would be chosen to carry Jesus and would be the leader of a procession through the house. The family would sing Christmas carols while processing. Cam and I loved it and were eager to try it with our family. We asked Mr. P to carry Jesus and lead our procession. He did a great job and carried him very carefully. Cam did most of the singing...which is a good thing. Mr. P carefully placed Jesus back onto the mantel. Precious. We will do this every year! Next we opened gifts. How fun!! We go one at a time so we can see what everyone is opening. The exception would be when Sis and Tuba were in cahoots and opened one of Cam's gifts and one for the family. Stinkers! Then we ate...finally. Eggs, bacon, toast, fruit and sparkling cider. Then we lounged around in our pig pen of a house. Loved it! We stayed in pj's and watched the kids play. We snuggled in bed and sang songs and just had the best time. At dinner time we got cleaned up and went to Cam's mom's house for dinner.
I love Christmas. I'm a convert. I didn't use to love it....but now I do. I truly had the BEST Christmas this year!


  1. Does that last picture mean there are some family Tae Kwan Do lessons in the future? :) I am glad you guys had a great Christmas!

  2. Why didn't you used to love Christmas?



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