Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Party Day

My 40th Birthday was so much fun! I woke up in the morning to the kids and hubby serving me breakfast in bed. Nice! Hot tea, eggs, toast, and fruit. Yum!

My Mom threw a party for me at her house. Thanks Mom!! It was fun to enjoy adult company for the night. The following night the kids took me out for Chinese food.

Here's Cam and I next to my Mom and Bill's tree. Wow! It's always gorgeous.
TMI?? I don't care. It's my blog and I LOVE this photo. I LOVE this man! I LOVED my birthday. Aren't we cute? Yes!

My Mom and I put together a picture board for the party. There is one picture from each year of my life. So fun to see them all lined up. I learned a couple of things about myself after searching for pictures for the board.

1. There are very few pictures of me being silly. I don't take the risk to be funny or silly in a photo because I'm afraid it will look stupid. I'm vowing to get silly for photos from now on...at least sometimes. My sister gave me the photo in the red shirt where I'm winking. That's a funny one and then there is the coconut shells! I do lots of silly things but not usually in photos. Cam is always threatening to video tape me when I'm really wild and crazy and show it to people. Ha!

2. I love babies. I have loved babies from the time I was little. There are hundreds of pictures of me holding babies and kids. This starts way before I became a mama. I'm holding cousins, sisters, and friends' babies. It was amazing to me....and then after I became a Mama...WOW...lots more of me and my babies. And then there is cake! These cakes are gorgeous and yummy. I love cake. These cakes were to die for! And...my gorgeous and yummy Mom!


  1. It was an awesome party! Lovely home. Lovely people. Excellent Food! Oh, and the birthday girl was having sooo much fun!

  2. I want some of that cake! They are beautiful! (And so are you!)



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