Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Idea

Okay, truth be told. My idea of a gingerbread house is much different than the one I let the kids make. I want one that looks perfect and tastes delicious. I want it to have all kinds of amazing accents. I want to wait to nibble off of it until after Christmas. I want to enjoy looking at it whole for a while. But, those things just don't go together when it's one made by kids. :) At least not if I want the experience to be stress free and fun. Those things should go together. :)

In the past I wanted everyone to wait to eat it until after Christmas. You might think that is insane....Cam certainly did. The kids were good and wouldn't eat any candy off of the house...but the husband was another story. He would "sneak" bits of candy off and think I wouldn't notice...or that the kids wouldn't notice. Hah! Mr. P is a mini me and has eagle eyes that don't miss a thing...especially missing candy off the house he built and was patiently waiting to eat! Cam just couldn't resist a munch and he could not understand me making a big deal out of it. Well, that is one of those man vs. woman or husband vs. wife things that we could go round and round and debate and explain and in the end we would just look at each other in frustration. The whole Mars/Venus thing.

So, I realize that my way was probably not the most fun way and not the Christmas spirit way either. So, this year everyone was allowed to eat it right away. Yes, it looks....hmmmm....kind of sad and like a band of mice have been in our kitchen. But, everyone is happy! I've made houses with the kids almost every year. So this year I let go of my ideal. I've decided now that if I want that perfect house I'll make it myself. I think I might host a party with a bunch of my girlfriends next year. We can make our perfect houses, chat and listen to Christmas music. Then I'll put the house under a glass dome with an alarm bell or electric fence on it. I'd threaten to spray it with shellac but I don't think it would stop anyone.

And truly...the half eaten house is growing on me. It cracks me up. Plus, I have the stress free memories of making the house and seeing my kids joy. Happy House Eating Everyone!!


  1. LOL! I know how you feel.

    I think sometimes when the kiddies are grown I will have my neat house..then I think what a boring place for grandchildren to be!

  2. it's all about the experience...which is what your children will remember...the glee, the excitement, the feeling of satisfaction the moment of the taste! And, fortunately, you have all these wonderful momento photos!



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