Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, I've been going to the gym...following my WW plan and losing weight. It's coming off slow but steadily. 7 pounds gone. Any and all encouragement is welcome. Here's the latest "encouragement" from my dear hubby.

Cam: Wow, I can really tell you've lost weight. Your face and ankles look way thinner!
Me: Uh....okay? Can you see it in my butt?
Cam: Not yet but it'll get there.
Me: ....silence....sound of crickets chirping...

Well, there it is! After 15 years together he still doesn't know what I want to hear...or what he said wrong. LOL!


  1. Way to go and great job!!!

    I did LOL at your hubby's cluelessness (sorry hubby!).. it reminds me of the birthday my hubby bought me a "Thighs of Steel" workout video..

  2. I think the guys just don't get it. I swear it had to have been two months back when I told Steve how much weight I had lost. He said that's great babes, I remember you were ALMOST back to your former size, almost there after having Elliott and then we were pregnant with Erik. They really are that CLUELESS. haha.



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