Friday, April 17, 2009

Precious Moments

Well...Holy Week is going well. Very Busy! I have forgotten my camera every night...UGH. Tonight I WILL remember it. The kids have been troopers. It's a long and tiring week but also a great time together. Last night the babies were tired and cranky so Cam and I took turns taking them downstairs. It was so nice to stand in the service with the big boys. Tuba and Mr. P had candles and Busy Guy was curled up at my feet in his special blanky. I love to see the candle light on their sweet faces as they watch the service and sing along.
This morning I had a nice time with Busy Guy. I got a spur of the moment cleaning itch so I was pulling all the photo albums out of the cabinet and organizing them. I have them labeled with the date and then numbered so I can put them into order and find the right album when I need it. But...I'm way behind getting the photos printed and into's really bugging me!!! Anyway, I asked Busy Guy if he wanted to look at his scrapbook from Ethiopia. We sat and snuggled and looked at the photos of Nana and I travelling, meeting him, and delivering him into Cam's arms. It was precious.

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