Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby George

Baby George is learning to drive! He had so much fun standing in the front of our van and pulling up to stand....and driving. Beep Beep!
Next month BG is turning the BIG ONE!!!! I can't believe time flies....and we are having fun. BG is giving kisses to everyone. Nice big slobbery ones...we don't mind...we love it. He is such a happy guy. His smile lights up the room...and his Mama's heart. He waves to the kids and scoots on his tushy to chase after them. He is crawling in the traditional way too...a bit more each day. I better get that scoot on video before it disappears. He is pulling up and starting to try and stand up on his own in the middle of the floor...tri-pod style:)
He is HUGE...a big Viking. He outweighs Sis, he's a solid...but gentle giant. He loves all food!!!! He screams, screeches, hollers and convulses if he sees you have food. No joke! Just ask the Grandparents...they've all seen AND heard's a hoot. We were at the boys' pre-school festival and BG started screeching and hollering. We couldn't figure out what was wrong...and then we realized he had spotted the Hot Dog Vendor! LOL! Lucky for him Sis loves to feed him. She holds out her hand with food and barks, "bite, bite" to him. He is obedient and eats it.
He is the baby and we all love and adore him.


  1. This baby is such a pleasure...Not only handsome but intelligent and calm of demeanor. Most of the time. You can't be the family's youngest and not learn the skill of "look at me" - but this wonderful boy is so willing to learn, to love, to smile his way through the world. I can't way to see what he does with his talents and his demeanor. Go forward, Baby George, and conquer the world.

  2. I miss BG being little and I miss those big kisses ....they grow up to fast



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