Thursday, June 18, 2009


Grandma Barb got a new baby...a baby chihuahua named Zoe. She was orphaned when her mommy was killed by a coyote. Sad! She is super tiny and is being bottle fed. The kids were over the moon to meet her and play with her...well hold her anyway. She is a bit smaller than a beanie baby. I want her!!! As soon as the kids get a bit older...and we move we are getting a dog...or two dogs. One big dog to play outside and one little dog to play inside:)

Zoe yawning while having her bottle.

Busy Guy loved feeding her.

Sis loved her! She held her under her arm just like she does with her teddy bear. She wanted to sit and hold her and kiss her all day. She kept laying lip locks on Zoe's nose. She even licked her a bit too...that's Sis doing the licking!

Tuba loved kissing Zoe too...actually we all did...well, except Cam. I think he wouldn't hold her and kiss her because he'd want to take her home;)
Check out the gorgeous view from my Dad and Barb's deck! We had a nice visit and enjoyed the warm weather.

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  1. omgosh, she is beyond CUTE!!!!!
    That view of the lake is gorgeous.



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