Monday, January 25, 2010

America's Funniest Vidoes

We have a ritual. Every Sunday night we watch what the boys call, "The Funny Shows". It's AFV to most of you. I let the big boys (Tuba, Mr. P and Busy Guy) stay up 30 minutes later to watch with me. We put the babies to bed and then we all get into my big cuddly bed to watch our show. We love it and we crack up laughing. Tuba loves the music track that goes with most of the videos and he will get out of bed and dance. Then on commercial he says, "more, more" until it comes back on. The other two boys LOVE the video games. Not my favorite part but the kids love it and play along. Cam will occasional come in and watch with us. He always laughs and remarks that Mr. P sounds just like me. First of all he doesn't stop talking the whole show;) I have to constantly remind him to hush so we can hear. He's doing a running commentary, making comments, and asking questions. Cam would say that it's just like watching a movie with me! HA! It's especially funny because Mr. P and Busy Guy make comments like, "OUCH, that's NOT funny, WHAT? NO helmet, THAT'S dangerous, WHAT were they thinking?, OH, MY WORD". They sound like a bunch of little mothers. :) Our favorite videos are of the animals doing silly things or of babies. We get to snuggle and laugh and it's a nice way to end the weekend.

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  1. Too funny! We all watch it together too... kids love it! The cats last night were hysterical, and the dog who wouldn't go through the door that the girl kept just walking through... the kids were laughing so hard!



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