Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We've been working on our pros vs. cons list of moving to Hawaii
Here goes:

Cam really wants to experience living in another state
the weather
big island has 11 different climates...everything but tundra
experience different culture
practice Aloha spirit
have an adventure
everyone will want to come and visit us
we want friends and family to come and stay with us
we loved Maui
our kids are little
Orthodox church in Kona
great priest and priest's wife at church
great charter schools
only have 2 kids in school
we plan to go tv and video game free
rent and house prices are great

expensive move
might not like it
schools are not the best
we'll miss our family and friends and church
a lot of paperwork to bring your pet
finding a job and then another job when and if we moved back
finding a place to live that's right for us
no Ethiopian community
neurology Dr. for Tuba could be an issue

That's what we've got so far...I'm sure there is more...and we will continue to add to it.

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