Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Perfect Day

Ooops...not quite to the Luau day yet.
After Sis opened her gift we headed to breakfast and then of course the pool/ocean. Just another day in Paradise:)
Mr. P is getting good at taking pictures with my camera. that Cam and I can be in photos together.

We spend lots of time kissing.

Time to tell on Cam and I...were are surely getting the "worst parents of the year award" at least in the category of sunblock application! Mr. P got his first sunburn...and it was a BAD one. Right across the bridge of his nose and over his cheeks. NOT GOOD! He is partially responsible too...He is the WORST child to put sunblock on....wiggle, complain, wiggle, pull-back, fuss, whine, repeat!!!

Sand oh glorious sand!

Busy Guy looking rather hip while swimming.

Tuba's favorite thing to do at the kiddy pool was to jump of the steps into the water...over and over and over. He ended up with bruises along his leg from the impact of hitting the water...still didn't stop him.

Mama's recipe for a perfect afternoon. Yum! I could have probably gotten a virgin drink and been just as happy. I loved this drink...not too potent and delicious. I just pretended it has zero calories:)

Happy time to sit and watch our babies playing and snuggle them in between activities.

Sis contemplating her next move....

Okay, tomorrow is Luau day and our big fun day of laying in the hammocks at the beach. Bliss!


  1. Awesome pictures... Tuba just looks so, so happy!

  2. Tuba looks happy, Momma and Papa look happy, kidlets look happy. Sigh. All of us reading of this glorious vacation ARE happy.



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