Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hit the Pool

After a long flight we arrived in Maui and were greeted with leis. The airport was hot and were ready to get out of our jeans and shoes. We took a shuttle (with all our stuff in tow) over to Avis car rental. MAW had reserved a mini van for us (with 2 more car seats since we have 4 kids in car seats). The gal at the counter was not so friendly....yikes, the VIP treatment was abruptly stopped! She informed me that they didn't have a van for us so they were going to give us two cars. Huh? Two cars...um, no that wouldn't work for me. She tried to cajole me into it by telling me how much better it would be for us to be able to split up and do day trips. Um no, that was not what we had in mind. And...I didn't want to pay double for parking at the hotel. I asked if there wasn't something else (what I was thinking was I'd like to take the shuttle bus for a few days:). She sighed a deep breath and told me she did have an Excursion. Okay, at least we'd be in one car. Sheesh, I don't know what the price difference was but I was willing to pay it so we didn't have two cars. She told me to wait and it would be brought up front for us. After 25 minutes standing in the hot sun with 6 other cranky, crabby, hot and anxious people I went back inside to see how much longer it would be. I was informed that it was parked around the corner....like I should have known that! Wow, not so customer friendly! We moved our large pile of suitcases, kids and car seats and began to load it all. First I had to get out a step ladder to even get into this vehicle! There may be some of you out there with this vehicle...so no offense meant...but this thing was huge and high and NOT easy to put car seats into. The middle row just folds down but not out of the way so I had to climb over the hump with car seats and then kids. After about 20 minutes of struggling, mumbling bad words, scowling at my hubby, and dying of heat stroke we were set to go. As a side note: I also was surprised that such a large vehicle had so little interior room. I'll stick with my mini van any day:)
Off to the hotel....finally! We stayed at the Hyatt. We arrived and were greeted so graciously by the valet and bell hop. Nice! Back to VIP service:) We were blown away by the hotel! Beyond gorgeous. Take your breath away. We hurried up to our two rooms. Wowwwwwy! Gorgeous rooms that were joined. Perfect for our bunch. We changed clothes into swimsuits, put on sunblock and headed to the pool. At last a moment to sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings. The kid pool was amazing. A sand bottom lagoon with sprinkler park, water slide and beach! And....pool side service for drinks and food...yipee! We ordered a much needed drink and sat down to watch the kids play. Tuba was in heaven...and we hadn't even been down to the ocean yet.

We finished the day off by taking showers, changing clothes and heading to dinner. Once we were seated (candlelight, white linen, tiki torches lit surrounding a outdoor pool and waterfall) we realized perhaps this wasn't the best place to bring 5 very tired children for dinner...especially considering it was now 2 hours past their normal bedtime. We gobbled food while bouncing kids and then boxed it up and went back to our rooms to go to bed. I knew the next day would be great....to be continued...

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