Friday, January 22, 2010

Feeling Good

Dare I say this...dare I type it...this quarter is going MUCH better than the last. Cam's schedule is slightly better...meaning he is home more. And that my friend means my life is easier and better. :) Yes, he is still having to work the weekends...but he is off tomorrow...a rare Saturday off. We are having an open house so the 7 of us will go find something fun to do while our realtor shows our house (probably all our neighbors will come to be nosy;).

I think I can see the light at the end of this tunnel...this long tunnel of grad school. I'm getting excited for it to be over and it's feeling like I can make it (at least at this minute in time). I know I'm not the student but I am everything else when Cam is gone so much with classes, clinicals and his regular job too. He will be done at the end of Aug. So, it's still pretty far off but I can feel the downward Yeah!

We have been talking about all the changes next Fall will bring. We have been seriously discussing a big move. BIG!!! We are talking about moving to Hawaii, the Big Island. Yes, I'm serious! And, YES, we know it's expensive. That is the first thing everyone says when they hear of our plans.

Well, there are many things that led to this idea....and we have been prayerfully considering the idea as well as researching all the pros and cons. Of course spending time there and then coming home to 42 degrees and raining spurred our interest. Cam has wanted to move somewhere BADLY for many years. He comes up with some crazy and as far as I'm concerned some places I never want to live...can you say, St. Cloud, MN? thank you. No offense for anyone who lives there;). Cam always says how he does not want to get to the end of his life and know that he lived in the same area his whole life. I don't want to move away from our loved ones. The weather where we live isn't my favorite but it's the people that keep me here. But...I would be willing to move somewhere like Hawaii...for a couple of years. I think that I'd want to come back to our home state...but who knows? Neither of us will know unless we move and try living somewhere else? So, we are reading Affordable Living and So You Think You Want To Move To Hawaii and making our pros and cons list.


  1. We have some friends who moved to Kona a couple of years ago to start a mission. The mission seems to doing well and they love it there. Some others friends went on vacation to Kona and came home saying they wanted to move. The thing about life in Hawaii seems to be that it is lived on a simpler scale and if you don't need to live on the beach house prices weren't all that different than they were looking at in Calgary.

  2. Jamie and I would come and visit you in Hawaii! :)

  3. that is so so cool! You guys sound like us-but you just may actually do it! I say go for it-what an amazing experience for however long you did it, and you just never know, it might end up feeling like home. :)darci



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