Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweetest Boy

Baby George...not so much a baby anymore:( Whaaaa! He's now officially least in weight than Sis. BG weighs 24 lbs and Sis weighs 23 lbs. He is nicely round and oh so huggy and cuddly. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. He and Sis also love to fight over my lap space. They push each other and say, "MY mommy!". BG loves to lay with his head on your chest and cuddle all into you. He even does this with his brothers. He is by far the most affectionate to his Grandparents/Aunts/etc. Our older kids didn't warm up to anyone but Cam and I until they were older...especially Mr. P who didn't warm up until about a year ago:)
BG LOVES anything with a motor...all boy! He recently found this motorcycle book of Cam's. I can remember Mr. P looking at it when he was little too. BG was naked from the tub and was sitting on the floor contently flipping through the pages...making motorcycle noises. He is the best at the noises. As I'm trying I look over and there he is looking at his favorite book!
BG is a great sleeper (his Sis...not so much) and a GREAT eater! This boy LOVES food. He is usually still shoveling in the food when all the rest of the kids are done eating. And...if he sees anyone with food...he goes over and asks for a bite with his mouth open WIDE...and I do mean WIDE. It cracks everyone up. There is no mistaking what he wants!
Other than all things with motors...BG loves to play with trains/tracks and he loves stuffed animals. I think his Sis has influenced him. He calls it his "baby" and likes to carry one around and kiss it and snuggle it at night. Precious.
I love this sweet baby boy....not so much a baby in age anymore but always a mama's baby:)

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