Thursday, January 28, 2010

Those Boots

All dressed and ready for the day
Nap time would not be complete without boots.

Sis is a serious clothes horse. She got lots of pretty outfits for Christmas and her birthday and she LOVED it. The boys got really bored watching her open gifts. They looked like they felt sorry for her...but she was in heaven...and so was her mama:) On the annoying side though...she changes her clothes about 20 times a day. She ransacks her dresser drawers and pulls everything out. She layers her outfits and comes up with some pretty interesting (ie: can't leave the house in them) combos. Her favorite things are tights, boots and sweaters. She sounds like a little old lady...and that's exactly what some of her get-ups remind me of. Perhaps a little old lady who is color blind...or pattern blind?

First thing in the morning Sis wants "dinner". She means breakfast but calls it dinner. She is VERY persistent!!! The second she is done with "dinner" she wants a tub...again...persistent! Next, is getting dressed. She is the boss! I can give her choices and she'll choose but there is NO WAY I can get her to wear something if she doesn't want to....(at this point my mom is snickering because it's major payback time for me:). The apple apparently did not fall far from this tree. After trying on her gorgeous Christmas dress...20 plus times...and having Sis scream bloody murder and refuse to wear it...I took it back to the store.

Anyway, back to her love of clothes. All outfits MUST include a sweater or sweatshirt or coat and she picks them out. And...sometimes it includes all three! And, maybe a purse and most of the time tights and those lovely hot pink/purple snow boots too. I did buy her a few new pairs of super cute shoes that she is trilled with. I can't take much more of the snow boots. Soon they will be too small...YEAH! I have hidden them for days at a time and all she does is walk around calling to, boots, BOOOOOTS!!!!!!!!! I give up.

On any given day it's about 7:20 by the time she has eaten, bathed and is fully dressed and is then asking to go OUTSIDE or wants to go bye-bye in the car. Sheesh! It's not even light out...which I have to open the blinds and point out to her. No problem...lots of time in the day left to change outfits and turn all her drawers upside down. :)

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