Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Skate Night

Last night was Skate Night for Mr. P and Busy Guy's school. I decided to take them. They had been skating one other time with Cam and I thought it would be fun to go. I hadn't been to the local skating rink in least almost 30 years! Wow!

I didn't plan to actually skate. No, no. I planned to sit and watch my boys and of course chat it up with the other parents. But, Mr. P was aghast. He exclaimed that he wanted to skate and hold my hand. Okay. Now who could resist that? Then Cam piped up to ask me how much longer that will happen. Okay, I said I'd skate.

With fears of broken arms, a sore hiney and bruised ego I set off with my boys to skate. It was fun to go back to the same place I skated as a kid. And let me tell you, not much has changed at that place. It looks good but it looks exactly the same as it did in the 70's and early 80's. They must make updates with new carpet and new exactly the same colors and patterns. The skates? The same. The disco ball? Still there. The music? Okay, clearly NOT the same. But it was upbeat music that all the kids loved. Personally I spent the whole time waiting to hear a Devo tune. Whip it....whip it good.

As I got my feet rolling and steadied myself I felt good. It was so much fun. I kept getting scolded by Mr. P for getting too far ahead of him. I tried skating and holding onto the boys hands. It was sweet while it lasted....1/8 of one second. Seriously. My boys were wobbling, jerking and dropping like they had been electrocuted. Not pretty. And, completely dangerous to be anywhere near. I kept my distance while I coached them. It helped a lot after I had their skates tightened up. The boys worked SO hard. They were a hot sweaty mess after two hours of skating. We were hot, tired and ready for a treat on the way home.

I think we will go back as a family soon. I'm planning to get some awesome knee high socks that glow in the dark! Yah-baby. Ya gotta look the part ya know. I believe in an outfit for every occasion. I'm also hoping the outdoor deck will be open. What is the Outdoor Deck you say? Well, when I was a kid we would skate out there to spy on all the teenagers making out. It was the Make Out Deck. I figure now that I have someone to make out with I should take the opportunity to use the deck! Oh Yah!

I also have a small confession. I was dying laughing (inside my head only) each time I saw someone fall. I know...bad me! But, it's hysterically long as they aren't hurt. I was cracking up, crying laughing (inside my head). My own children provided LOTS of material. It's funny how I don't remember falling as a kid? Parents, chime in here. I do however remember my Dad saying how hilarious it was to watch the kids skate while Another One Bites The Dust played loudly. Hey, that's another song I would have been happy to hear last night...and maybe some Madonna too....

PS...the pic is an old one from Crazy Hair Day but I thought it worked with my theme.


  1. I love this post. We used to go skating on Halloween and a couple of birthdays were also at the Marysville Skate Deck. If you need an extra couple of hands...keep me in mind whenever you decide to go with the whole family.

  2. Isn't it funny how we so easily forget things like skating once we grow up? Gosh, we are boring. Loved reading your description. Brought back many memories...



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