Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Looking Ahead

I'm always looking ahead. Planning and preparing for the future. I just registered the wee ones for pre-school for next year. It will be their second year at the school. Next year they will go four days a week for 3 hours a day! Whoa! Do you know what that means? It means more than twice the "free" time I have this year! Woot!! I can up my volunteering time at the big kids' school to once a week instead of every other week. My BIG plans include going to the gym and then coming home to an empty house to shower and dress....ALONE! I can't believe it! Four days a week I will have a shower without breaking up a battle or wiping a hiney! Amazingly awesome!

Other things I'm planning and working on are birthdays and holidays and vacation plans. St. Patrick's Day is getting close...a birthday and a Patron Saint celebration! Easter is getting close too. I bought the kids items for their baskets today and I spent yesterday ironing about a zillion dress shirts and pretty dresses. Getting ready for Holy Week and nicer weather. Vacation too! We get to go back to the ocean this summer and stay on our favorite beach. So much to look forward to. This summer is also Tuba's Sweet 16 birthday. I'm planning a big backyard party to celebrate. I'm thinking about themes and the menu but it will surely be all things Tuba loves. You know there will be a BIG bonfire!

Kairos moments from the last couple days.

Driving last night and looking up at the bright beautiful moon.
The same beautiful moon slipping behind the islands this morning.
The smell of Baby George's hair when I kissed him goodnight.
Watching a Robin carrying twigs to build a nest.
Hearing the frogs croaking in the yard.

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