Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Group Shot

For Busy Guy's birthday we donned our green and headed out for dinner. Anytime we are all dressed up or dressed matchy is a good time for a group shot. Out comes the tri-pod and the timer....and a few groans from everyone but me.

Here's a Picture Story of getting the job done. I bought this cute banner from Etsy (my new favorite website) and I wanted us to stand under it for the photo. I had Tuba stand there so I could test the light. Hmmm....not good. Too much sun coming in the dining room windows. A rare sunny I won't complain.

Mr. P suggested the window seat in the living room. No, not good either. Still looking for a spot and trying to gather the kids....sort of like herding cats.

Finally, a good spot. Plus, the dad showed up to help wrangle those cats kids.

Timer set and say "cheese"....please. Not bad. I love the matchy thing.

1 comment:

  1. I love the how-we-got-it-done process...and in pictures! I also love when you put the "good photo" and then the sticking-out-the-tongue-making-a-face photo. Miss you all.



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