Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I need to correct myself. I was wrong. On my last post I said we saw some female eagles in a field. My friend Paula asked in the comments section what led me to think they were female? Ummm....they were wearing lipstick....wearing pink dresses....taking care of babies.....ummmm....No.

This sounds like I'm passing the buck but actually what led me to think they were females was my husband. :) When we turned around to get a better look at the birds (huge brown and white splotched birds) he said they were female eagles. I know what he was thinking. So many birds look different depending on the sex of the bird. Like Mallard Ducks. Males have the green head and females plain brown. Yes, I fact checked that bit of info to make sure I'm correct.

After I read Paula's comment I thought, how silly of me. Of course I know that Bald Eagles both male and female have the white heads and tails. So, I was back to wondering what the heck were those birds? I looked here and found out my mystery birds are juvenile Bald Eagles! Wow! Kid eagles and they were already HUGE! And that explains the two adult Bald Eagles that were circling overhead. The juveniles flew off the join them.

And that is your science lesson (and mine) for the day. To see some great photos of these majestic birds head over to Paula's blog. Beautiful.

Kairos moments:

Listening to Mr. P read a book to Baby George.
Sitting in front of the roaring fire with my family.
Rinsing Sis's hair and looking at her gorgeous curls stretch down her back.

For giggles: Here is Woo (that's what Sis calls her) getting "pigtails". Pretty!

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  1. Yeah you got it right. I didn't wanna sound like a "know it all". lol We have many eagles here all year and each year we get to see the youngest to the nearly adult in various stages of "dress". It's so cool.



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