Thursday, March 1, 2012

Up and Down

If I'm not taking pounds off...I'm gaining them. That is the truth. It's one or the either. There just doesn't seem to be anything in me that can maintain a weight. Ugh. Sometimes it's up 5 down 5, or up 10 down 10. Right now it's a bit more than 10. Yuck! I really hate the take the pounds off part. Not fun. The put the pounds on that's fun.

I was at a party recently and turned down a glass of wine. My friend asked me why. I told her I was trying to take off some weight. She instantly wanted to know what I was doing to lose weight. I told I am eating less and moving more. Silence followed. Yep, it's this amazing diet that works.  It's called the Eat Less Move More Diet.

A gal at the party overheard me. She is a personal trainer and so we started talking about my magical diet secret. She added that as we age we have to Eat Less Less and Move More More. Wow. Now that is some good news. Wha-wha-wha. What a party downer.

Then today I was reading Self magazine at the gym....while doing the Moving More part of the diet. Here's what Self says,

40s to 50s Metabolism dips. Your cells aren't turning over as fast, and there's a decrease in muscle mass, reducing your calorie needs. Dr. Pavone says. If at 25 you weighed 130 pounds and ran 3 miles five times a week, at age 45, you need to run about 4.5 miles five times to maintain that weight and not diet.

Wow! More really good news. That is so inspiring. It made me want to get off the treadmill and eat a piece of cake. Ummhmmm.

The photo? My precious son taking in the view of our front yard. Kairos Moment when I saw him sitting there. Other Kairos moments today, hearing birds singing this morning as the sun came up, and watching BG talk and noticing his little lisp on words ending in s.

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  1. You and me both! I was looking through some old photo albums with the boys and I couldn't believe how skinny I was. Then one of the boys mentioned that it didn't really look like me. When I asked why, he got all sheepish and said that I looked small. I felt like crying.

    Then we were at a dinner and I wished that I could have just enjoyed myself without the constant adding and subtracting calories in my head ("if I have wine, I won't have an entree.") It SUCKS!SUCKS!SUCKS!

    Sorry to hijack your blog. xoxo



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