Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nocturnal Photos

I love to take photos of my kids while they sleep. Especially when they are as funny as Sis. She always has something in bed with her.
On this night she went to bed with her beloved Barbie and was brushing her hair...for about 2 seconds until she fell asleep.
Sunglasses are always a good idea at bedtime.
This night I let her have her precious Kali in bed until she fell asleep. Notice the freshly painted fingernails too. :)
This night she went to bed with satin gloves on. Notice the sequins around the wrists. Very fancy!

My Kairos moments this weekend.

1. At church on Saturday night my friend's son (and our priest's grandson) was venerating the icons and as he crossed the front of the church he got down on his knees and kissed the tile in front of the altar. So precious.

2. Also at church Saturday night. Sis was singing her heart out along with the choir. Love hearing that.

3. Driving in the car I was talking to Cam about getting old and Baby George overheard me. He exclaimed, "MOMMY! Don't get old! So sweet. It really touched my heart.

4. At church this morning Baby George fell asleep in my lap. It was so nice to sit and hold him and cuddle him while listening to our AMAZING church choir. Heavenly voices!


  1. I'm so glad you're off FB for Lent. I love reading your blog and now you blog more often! Lovely thoughts, my friend. Keep it coming:-)

  2. Yay to not posting on FB! The blog has suffered and grandpa and grandmas miss the updates!

  3. I agree with erika...terrific pictures. But I think all your pictures are terrific. Hugs to sleeping beauty.



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