Monday, March 19, 2012

In The House

We got to have our sweet niece (and her parents) here for two nights. So fun! A baby in the house is always exciting! It was really fun to see all my kids play with her. It made my mama heart happy to see how much they adore her. Everyone wants to have a turn making her laugh or helping her walk. Wow! Does she love to walk! G. Sue got to have all her grandkids and three of her four kids together for dinner one night. A rare treat for sure. Auntie Sara got her exercise walking too.

Oh, baby face. We miss you!

Kairos Moments

At church on Sunday I was listening to the homily and sitting on a pew (there are very few pews or seats in an Orthodox church) and I looked up to see this beautiful sight. The kids were all piled on comfortable. I love our parish. It feels like a big warm hug when I walk in the door. I think my kids feel the same way....especially sitting with their dad.

Watching my niece nurse. I miss those days.

Cam and I watched a big storm come in over the water. Standing in my warm dry bedroom watching it pour down from black clouds.

***I have much more to share. We had a BIG birthday/St. Day weekend. I'm exhausted but it was very fun. I'll get those photos up soon.

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