Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweat it out

Look at these beautiful guys! I'm so blessed to have them in my life. Beautiful!! I love to look at their faces every day.

I'm working hard to get these extra pounds off. I'm not having fun. I lost less than one pound last week. ARRRRHH! I lost 0.8 to be exact. I have to keep telling myself that any weight lost is good. It's better than a gain. I was hungry all week and I hate to feel hungry. I worked hard at the gym four days too. So frustrating. I know, I know. Keep at it. I'm impatient. I'd like it to go QUICKER!

I tried something new this week. I ran. I usually walk on the treadmill. I walk fast and at an incline but I have been wanting to try running for a while now. I have a bad knee so I was afraid my knee couldn't take the impact from running (plus I was afraid I'd look stupid, I'd jiggle too much, I'd die). But, I finally tried it and it's been fine on my knee....and I didn't die. I did jiggle a lot but I just closed my eyes and pretended nobody could see me. Running has been great for increasing my heart rate....and getting my sweat on! Woo! I am starting out slowly with walk/run intervals on the treadmill. This morning I headed outside and did 40 minutes of walk/run in my beautiful neighborhood. It is cold and drizzly out but I feel better for doing it.

I read a couple quotes this week that I keep repeating....getting me through my day or my workout.

No amount of exercise can undo a bad diet.
Wow! That really puts it in perspective. Even when I work out hard it's not an excuse to eat too much.

Sweat is Fat Crying!
Yes! I like to think it is crying and DYING! Die fat die!! Muwahahahaha!

Send me your favorite diet/exercise quotes. I could use some more inspiration!

Kairos moments:

While driving I saw a huge eagle nesting in a tree overlooking the water.

Tucking Tuba into bed I was amazed at how beautiful his eyes are. The light was shining on his face and he was smiling his radiant smile.

Mr. P came up to my room and yesterday morning and asked to snuggle with me. His warm cuddly body was a nice was to start my Saturday.

This morning when I woke up I looked over at Cam and he opened his eyes and smiled at me. Another great way to start the day.


  1. I love that you live in a area where walking is safe and scenic, eagles soar and you can, on occassion, hear the yelps of the harbor seals. Thank you for sharing your Kairos moments.

  2. One thing I just read about exercise/diet that really made an impact on me was that you should think about it as moving not taking a vacation. As in, don't be in a hurry to get there, get it done and then return home, but take your time to MOVE LOCATION. It shouldn't matter how long it takes because you are changing your way of life. I really liked this. I hope it made sense to you the way I explained it (Ahh, baby brain!).

  3. I like "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Even though this time I am losing weight to stay healthy for my heart and not just to feel good about my body, it still is a good thought when I feel a craving. I had a stack of my size 14, 12 and 10 pants sitting at my house for more than a month and I was putting off giving them away. I realized last Thursday that I was setting myself up to fail. You know, "Oh well it is only 5 pounds so I'll just slip into these comfy jeans and lose the pounds next week." I have always done that kind of thinking with past diets. This time I am setting myself up to succeed. Hang in there!

  4. You will never regret the workouts that you did, but you will always regret when you don't workout...
    That is for the days that you just don't want to workout.



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