Monday, March 12, 2012

Reading list

Tuba and my sweet niece (the one I got to deliver!). Getting so big. 

Book club selection this month is Lisa Scottoline's Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog. It is hilarious!! So funny. If you could use a good laugh....get it!

Last month we read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Wow! It was very good. Very Interesting. Very sad. Very moving. Very informative and all true. Read it!

I'm also reading Parenting With Love and Logic. It's good too. I'm trying to gain some new skills. Each new age brings new challenges....and each kid is so different. Why do they gotta be like that? So far I've learned that Helicopter Parenting produces kids who grow up and can't succeed and Drill Sergeant Parenting produces kids who can't think or do for themselves. They end up being teens who follow others. Not good. Not my plan.

I fall much more into the drill Sergeant category. Painful to read about and see myself in that light. The truth hurts huh. But, there is hope. I'm reading so I can learn new techniques to get my kids to do what I want (and what they need to do) without "Sergeanting" them. Letting go is hard. HARD. I am learning through this book how to let go and allow my kids to choose, act, succeed...and sometimes fail. Hard. For example....I sent a kid to school this week knowing that he did not have his homework done. I gave a reminder and he didn't follow through. Ouch. It killed me to send him off unprepared. So hard for me. I practically had to duct tape my mouth. The child? He wasn't bothered so much. Read on!

Kairos moments

Seeing my sweet dog Kali sleeping with a pile of Beanie Babies stacked up on her. She is so gentle and tolerant.

We were out for a country drive and passed some birds alongside the road. They were huge birds sitting in a yard. We couldn't figure out what kind of birds they were. We turned around to get a better look. As we pulled to a stop about 20 feet away the birds spread their wings and took to flight. The were female bald eagles. Whoa! They were HUGE! So cool to see so close up. I really love eagles.

Enjoying a piece of my favorite dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. Yum. Makes all the diet sacrifice a little sweeter.


  1. It is such joy to know that you took the time to stop...I thi8nk that is the BEST way to encourage positive curiosity in your children!

  2. what lead you to think they were female bald eagles?

  3. Dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds is on my current "yum" list! (Of course, dark chocolate is ALWAYS on the list.) I keep thinking I should give up ALL chocolate so I would lose weight faster but I must admit, it is a bright spot in my day!



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