Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cam's 46th Birthday

On the second day of our vacation it was Cam's birthday! Woot! What better place to celebrate than at our favorite place on earth!

We started our day with exercise on the beach. Cam headed out first on a run and then I went out for a brisk walk. As I was walking on the beach I notice that I was walking in Cam's footprints. Literally. Well, except that his stride is much longer than mine.

Anyway, as I was walking I started thinking of ways that I should be more like Cam. You know...ways to walk in his footsteps.

Cam is an amazing person and there are many things about him that I admire. I decided that I would spend his birthday trying to be "more like Cam".

I already had a good start on my plan since I was exercising. Cam is devoted to exercise. You see, he truly loves. He calls it his medicine. Actually he LOVES it....can't get enough of it.

After my brisk walk Cam and I lifted some weights on the beach house deck and then did our stretches.

I already told you how Cam and the kids were boogie boarding like crazy. Well, if I was going to spend my day being more like Cam then I decided I should boogie board too. I don't have a wetsuit so I borrowed Cam's. The boys were all excited for me to head out with them.

Once in the water I took direction from Mr. P and Cam. They would tell me when to catch the wave. It was SUPER fun!! I yelled and laughed just like Cam.

I got rolled once. By rolled I mean that the ocean swamped me and threw me off my board. I couldn't tell which end was up or down. I swallowed half the ocean and the other half was lodged in my nasal cavity. Whew! I stood up sputtering out the sea water. Cam laughed and said, "welcome to the club". Okay, since I was in the club now I laughed it off and headed back out...Cam style.

Boogie boarding was a blast. My Christmas list is also full of wetsuit items and a boogie board. Next year is going to be so much fun!

For Cam's birthday lunch we headed to our favorite place for fish and chips. We got to sit at our fav table too!

After lunch it's our family tradition to climb the dune. Most of the kids and Cam climb it every year....maybe even two or three times! I've never climbed to the top. But, if I was going to be more like Cam....then I would be summiting! So, off I headed. It's STEEP! I mean it....and windy....and exhausting....and STEEP. But, I persevered. And rested. And climbed. And summited!

The view was amazing! And the wind was whipping! I do not recommend putting on fresh lip gloss before climbing a sand dune in windy weather. Lesson learned. Although all that sand acted as dermabrasion and I now have no wrinkles on my lips.

The kids and Cam love to run down the dune at top speed. I reserved the "be more like Cam" and trotted down.

Back at the beach house we baked up a yummy pie for the birthday dessert. We found a nice local made organic pie! We searched for a candle and came up with one. Well, it worked.

Happy Birthday to my love! You are smart, energetic, friendly, kind, impulsive, athletic, driven and funny. And I want to be more like you!!


  1. I love Cam dearly - he is my favorite son - but I think we also need a lot of YOU in this family and the attributes you bring to your marriage and love are also wonderful - (I can't imagine Cam trying to be "More like Becky") which is why the Yin/Yang of your relationship can work over the many years. But the pictures were amazing and the glowing love of your family warms every corner of my heart.

  2. Happy Birthday Cam! May God grant you many years!!! Becky is correct, you are an amazing man!!! We LOVE you!

    Becky, you look HOT in Cam's web suit :-)



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