Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ocean Vacation Time!

I'm never sure how to share about our vacation. I take a lot of photos! We have a lot of fun!

Last year I wrote about each special place or activity that we enjoy while at the beach. This year I'm not quite sure how to go about it.

I'm going to start with sharing some boogie boarding photos. As the kids have gotten older and become better swimmers they spend more time in the ocean.

This year almost everyone wanted to try boogie boarding. Sis and Tuba are still plenty happy to wade in the waves or dig in the sand. But the rest of the kids loved getting in the ocean and riding the waves.

We had bought Mr. P and George wetsuits for their birthdays this summer in preparation for the COLD ocean. Moses wanted one too so we rented one for the week. Cam owns a suit along with boots, gloves and head cover. That water is seriously cold!

Several times a day the kids and Cam would suit up in their wetsuits and head out to, "shred some waves". After about an hour they would head up to the house, strip their suits off, rinse off in the outdoor shower (yes, I'm sure the neighbors got tired of the Wright boys in their wet undies), and then have a warm shower. This makes for a fun day...and a lot of wet towels.

Be still my heart. These pics are so cute!! I love my guys! 

You could hear them all up and down the beach hooting and hollering as they caught the waves and rode them in. 

Sis danced and splashed and played while watching the boys. 

Tuba loves the music of the ocean and he really loves to watch his family boogie board. 

My happy place is on the beach. The dogs loved it too. 

We are planning lots of wetsuit accessories for Christmas gifts this year. It really helps you stay warm to have gloves and boots on. 


  1. Wet suits! What an invention! No more legs, arms and face tingling and crimson with cold. I love that they are doing activities that keep them strong and agile and feeling good about themselves. I predict that next year Sis will want to jump in, too! Then, Mom, it will be your turn! Great pictures and thanks for posting them.

  2. Great photos! Looks like a lot of fun ...I'll have try it sometime - LOL (getting a visual of Grandpa and I in wetsuits is making me laugh



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