Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tuba's Beach Faves

The ocean speaks Tuba's language. He could sit and look at the waves all day. He loves to wade in and dance in the ocean. 

You're never too big to sit on your dad's lap and snuggle. 

Tuba didn't climb the whole dune but he did go up further than last year. He had a good run down. 

Sitting on the matter how cold or windy is a fav of Tuba. Blankets, hoodies and dogs to keep us warm. And pjs of course!

What a beautiful boy!

Here he is dancing his ocean dance and cheering the boys on as the boogie board. In case you wonder why he doesn't boogie board. He do not want to try it. Emphatically!

Other vacation faves of Tuba....slumber party style sleeping with the boys, huge fires in the fireplace and chips with every meal!


  1. I keep looking at that first picture...did they change hats or is son olding papa? But...bottom line...the photos are beautiful!



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