Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Family Member

Introducing Freddie Rocket! We've actually had him 2.5 months but I'm WAYYYYY behind in blogging. 

First let me say....I don't know what Cam and I were thinking saying yes to a puppy. A PUPPY!!  There have been lots of ups and downs with him and our adjustment to A PUPPY. But, we all love him and he is doing well now. Mostly well. Mostly. 

He was a stray that was found by my dad and stepmom's neighbor kids. They brought him on a long journey across the USA in their camper to give him to my uncle. My uncle was wanting a new dog. Then turns out  A PUPPY was too much for the uncle. AND....so....my kids had met the adorable baby PUPPY and wanted him BADDDDDDDD!! And...like I said, Cam and I said yes. Uh-huh. 

The first 24 hrs. were so stressful that I had an acid attack from anxiety. I wish I were exaggerating. I had to start taking meds to calm my stomach acid. Picture this. Puppy running, barking, chasing, jumping all over my sweet Kali. Kali DID NOT like it one bit. Then puppy barking, chasing and trying to attack cat. Cat was (still is) totally freaked out!! Tuba was totally freaked out and would shriek loudly every time the puppy came bounding up to him. Then, puppy crying and howling in the night waking us all up. Oh!! I am too old to get up in the night any more. 

But, he was also sweet and the kids LOVED him.

In about a week things mellowed a bit. My acid calmed....either from the meds or things were actually calmer. 

Kali adjusted to him and started playing with him. 

He was the new baby in the house and everyone carried him all around. 

Fast forward to now and he is doing well. He is really smart and mostly obeys....except for the barking and chasing the poor cat (she now lives under a bed and only comes out at night while he is locked in his kennel). 

Our biggest challenge now is chewing. Ugh! Lock up your stuff...all of it! He is especially fond of Nerf bullets. Yum!

He is a great watch dog! He likes to sit in the front window on the window seat and watch the world go by...and wait for someone to bark at.

He is great for my exercise. He walks REALLY fast which means I do too! And he never gets tired. Whew! 

He and Kali are great buddies now. They lay together and play together.

The kids love, love, love him. And Cam loves him too. Which is awesome since Cam only "likes" Kali and he hates the cat. Well, the cat is evil. Really. 

Oh, and what breed is he you ask? The vets best guess is Cattle Dog and some kind of Terrier...and perhaps some Dalmatian.

More to come on the dog topic. We've had two dogs in cones and one of them in a cone for 8 weeks. Good times!

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  1. Freddie Rocket is the cutest dog! Reminds me of Maddie :-)



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