Friday, October 16, 2015

Everyone's Favorite Things

I will break up the rest of our vacation photos into each person's favorite things.

First up is George.

He loves to run on the beach and find drift wood that he can use as a pretend gun. Small ones are pistols...all the way up to large ones that serve as rocket launchers. I'm a girl. And a mom. I don't get it. I'm just reporting the facts.

George had a great time running with the dogs...especially Rocket. He also insisted on carrying him around. I love that George is wearing his pjs on the beach in this photos. Vacation is all about relaxation. No rush to get dressed or go anywhere.

Hanging out on the pjs. George definitely takes after me. 

Going out to eat and spending time with his Papa. 

Here he is with some kind of double gun system. 

Love this sweet face. 

Hands down his fav activity was boogie boarding. He crossed over into one of the big kids. Instead of hanging out on the beach he spent all his time in the water. He's become a good swimmer and boogie boarder. 

Other activities he enjoyed were climbing drift wood at the jetty and playing board games. He played about a zillion games of Sorry with Cam and the boys. 

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  1. George is so cute! I love that face!!!



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