Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vacationing Mr. P

After looking at my photos I'll dub this kid my elusive preteen. I don't have so many photos of him! He is definitely past the, "Mom! Take my photo!" phase. Boohoo!

But, this one of us together is very cute! I love it that he still asks to sit next to me when we go out. 

I already posted lots of boogie boarding photos of Mr. P. Just look back to see those. That was is fav part of the beach. Other than that he does love to walk the beach, climb rocks and driftwood too. I love it that he is still young enough to play. His imagination is alive and well! It's fun to see him fighting imaginary foes while leaping around the sand. Do NOT tell him I wrote that. I will be scolded. 

Mr. P loved all the games of Sorry and late nights staying up to watch movies....and the junky cereal. 

He adores the dune too. I think he climbed it at least three times!

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