Monday, October 19, 2015

Moses Loves the Beach

Moses is all about vacation! 

One of the things he (and all the kids) LOVE is eating junk cereal. We let the kids each pick a box of horrible-sugary-processed cereal. They are thrilled...and it's really embarrassing when we go through the checkout. They eat it every morning...and sometimes at lunch. I do remember liking those cereals but that feeling has past. 

This was the first year Moses was excited about boogie boarding. We bought him his own board this year. He also got a pair of gloves to keep his hands warm.

He loves to hang out with the boys! And anything Cam is doing you will find Moses right behind him.

And he loves to climb the driftwood too. Notice his athletic the beach. He HATES his feet being sandy. He will also wear socks and slide on shoes on the beach. 

The kids and I went on a beach walk one afternoon to look at the tide pools. Of course the kids thought the water was really warm so they walked in it up to their necks.

Moses is a great brother to all his siblings. That middle kid that gets along with both ends. 

Moses is awesome at helping me pack! He knows which items we take to the beach and he gets them all lined up in the garage ready to go. He is the BEST!!

1 comment:

  1. Moses is so handsome! What an amazing young man. You're vacations look like a lot of fun, makes me want to leave for the beach right now.



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