Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sister's Ocean Loves

Sis has great enthusiasm for life. And hugely great big enthusiasm for vacation! I have lots of pics of her because I spend more time with her on the beach while the boys are in the water.

Sis loves all things about our beach vacation...except she isn't ready for boogie boarding yet.

I'm not sure if George is her best friend any more. Her best friends are probably the dogs. She greets them first thing in the morning and loves them all through the day.

She was always ready with Rocket's leash so he could come to the beach too. She would not allow her babies to stay in the house. 

Sis LOVES to dig in the sand. Maybe she is part dog?! She and Rocket were hilarious digging side by side. Sis also builds sand castles.

She is not afraid of a little sand....or a lot. She loves to dig down deep enough that the hole fills with water. 

Look at her! Oh! My heart melts and I swoon to see that pretty face. She does the best "puppy eyes" when she wants something. Seriously I can't look at her or I'll cave. 

Sis is always up for an adventure. She loves to walk the beach and look for cool things. At the jetty she loves to climb the rocks and driftwood. 

Snuggling her "sister" Kali.

She loved dancing and skipping in the shallow waves watching the boys boogie board.

I had to take a pic of this. She cracked me up. She kept everything on the beach ultra organized and lined up. As the tide came in we had to keep moving back. Each time she would re-do her rows. 

We had great weather and Sis took advantage of the sun.

Who wouldn't have fun on vacation with this fun girl?! 


  1. OMG...I can't believe how much she has grown this past year! You will have to set up a fortification when she reaches high school - maybe even when she is in middle school. These are just wonderful pictures.

  2. Sis is so beautiful!!! Wish I could do a cartwheel :-)
    Great photos!



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