Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Check it off!

We've been madly running errands and getting things checked off the list. Hubby is at Home Depot right now getting an accordion door for the kitty room. Unfortunately she is going to have to be closed in at night. She is such a snuggler that I know she will be trying to lay on top of the babies (since that is what she does to us). Plus, I'm losing sleep every night as she takes a 30 minute bath on my bed! If I move she gives me a little bite on the foot too.

I had my Dr. appt. today. I had to bring the two little ones as hubby was going to the dentist to have a filling fixed. I didn't think it would be a big deal since they really only listen to the baby and measure me. I was horrified to find out I had to have the beta-strep swab done today! They stood up by my head with the nurse while the Dr. quickly did the test. I hope they don't have that burned into their memory! Actually they couldn't see anything...but still...I would prefer them not to be there. Everything is going well. I'm getting more tired and more swollen each day though...I think soon I won't be able to walk:0 No problem...I'll just have the kids push me in a wheel chair the whole 9 days hubby is gone!

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