Friday, June 27, 2008

Double the Fun

Grandpa J. and Grandma B. bought us this awesome double stroller. So great...Thanks! I put it together and then tested it out with the infant carseats attached. It works great. This will be my life saver when taking Mr. P to school next year. I can quickly (that's a relative term) get everyone in and out of the car and manage to walk Mr. P in to his classroom.

The infant carseats snap right onto the stroller so I don't have to wake anyone or take them out of their seat. We still had an infant seat that both Mr. P and Busy Guy used and then my sister gave me her gently used car seat.
I installed Busy Guy's carseat into the back row of the van and then put one infant carseat into the van's middle row. So, we are ready to pick up Papa and new baby sister at the airport next week....or go to the hospital and have a baby. Papa left this morning. I shed a few tears but so far so good...I know it's only been 6 hours:) I'm in a "vacation" mindset which means the kids can have junk food, watch a little extra tv and in general have a more relaxed day. Bedtime is still the same...because I can't stay up any later to watch them. The boys started the day with Frootloops and have been running around in their undies playing with Mr. P's newest light saber (b-day gift from Grandparents). We are going to make a calendar to mark off the days until Papa and baby sister (I'm thinking of a good blog name) come home. I'll be posting about hubby's trip too as I talk to him. The first time I'll talk to him will be Sunday morning. He will have been in Addis for half a day and will have our newest baby with him! I can't wait to hear all about his trip and our sweet...and girl. So exciting.

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