Friday, May 23, 2008


The living room is done....YAHOOOO! The trim is drying and I'll have hubby move the furniture back tomorrow. I'll post the living room picture tomorrow.

And....After! Beautiful! Next week we will be doing the stairways that go up and downstairs and the landing area. And more painting until next year when we tackle the family room and entry area downstairs.

Hubby and I were laughing and remembering when we almost got divorced (well maybe not divorced, but....well yes, I think divorced;) while painting our last house. We waited until we were getting ready to sell it and then painted the whole house inside and out! Yikes! It was horrible! I'm sure the neighbors thought we were the most crabby couple on the planet. We worked all day one Saturday finishing the trim on the outside of the house. It was summer and it was warm out and stayed light out late so we painted until dusk. The house was grey and the trim was dark blue. In the morning we drug our sore tired bodies out of bed for church. As we were leaving we were horrified to see that the dew had caused the blue paint to drip off of the gutters all down the house and onto the freshly painted deck! I think we just got in the car, shut the door and didn't say a word the whole drive to church or home. We then spent all day Sunday re-doing it.

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  1. Becky,
    It looks beautiful! Ask your husband if we pay your plane ticket if he'd let you and your nesting-induced paint craze would like to have a go at our walls! ;-)

    And, praying like crazy for you guys for this upcoming court date! At least it's not Memorial Day in the Ethiopian Courts!

    God Bless,



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