Tuesday, May 27, 2008


No news on the re-scheduling of our court date. Maybe we will hear something tomorrow?

Send some prayers up for my poor Mom. I'm now calling her Nana Knievel! She was riding bikes with my nephews yesterday...actually racing one of them when her brakes locked up and she flew head first over the handlebars. She landed on her head (good thing she had her helmet on) and broke both bones in her right arm where they meet the wrist. She also severely sprang her left arm. She has to have surgery on her arm....OUCH! She is home resting but in lots of pain. Poor Nana Knievel. She told the ambulance guys that maybe she should take up a more appropriate sport for her age. I think she failed to tell them she is a Mountaineer and has climbed Mt. Rainer twice!

Hubby and I are painting the stairway/hallway that goes up and downstairs today. I'm really getting sick and tired of painting so it's a good thing that today will be the end of it! I know I'm too tired to do this because my perfectionism is wearing thin...."looks good enough, nobody will see that spot I missed".


  1. Oh Becky, I am so very, very sorry about your Mom. Please forward our best wishes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Thank goodness Nana Bill is there! Also, we all are waiting impatiently for news about the court date. May it be soon. Sooner. Soonest! Our love goes to you and your family.

  2. Wow... your mom rocks!!! Your nephew's (and sons) must think she is the best!

    Big prayers going out though, for a quick healing.



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