Saturday, May 24, 2008

So Peaceful

Call me crazy but I had the most peaceful morning sitting in my living room reading the paper today. The one thing that made it so much better was the new paint. Instead of looking at the dirty walls and grimacing about them I could gaze at them and smile. Something about new's so clean and refreshing. Plus, the kiddos were all quiet and watching cartoons:)
I ordered this print for the wall in the living room. It's a photo I took while in Ethiopia. We took a drive outside the city and this woman was walking along the road carrying sticks into the city to sell for firewood. There were many women doing this job. Some of them walk many, many miles a day. We stopped and our driver Danny gave her some money calling out to her, "mother, mother". He was such a kind and generous soul who gave so freely to those less fortunate. I am having the print put onto a canvas and then framed. I can't wait to see the final project hanging on the wall.
I'm debating which other photo to have put on canvas also. Tell me your opinion. Which picture do you think I should use?
Photo in Addis of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Grass hut picture taken on the drive outside of Addis.
Here's the before pictures of the living room.
The new photo on canvas will hang to the left of this sitting area. And..the other photo I've yet to choose..will hang to the right of it.
And....the after!


  1. i vote for the hut. The church photo is beautiful, but the hut picture would look so nice with the other one.

    How are you feeling these days? Lot's of excitement in your house!

  2. I vote for the grass hut - it is beautiful and would make a nice pairing with the other photo.

  3. You could group the grass hut with the other one and then put the church on a wall by itself. Both are beautiful!



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